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100% Cash In Advance
 Publishers are paid before the ads run. You never have to wait 60 to 90+ days for your money.
Highest Payouts
 You’ll earn a rock solid 65% of the value of the ads you run. That’s among the highest payouts in the industry.
100% CPM Ads
 Your visitors don’t have to click on an ad or make a purchase before you get paid. You are paid based on the number of
 ads you deliver to your visitors, period.
No Exclusivity Required
 You can rotate our ads along with other ads. In fact, we encourage you to run other ad networks in addition to ours.
Free Default Redirects
 We automatically redirect visitors to your other ad networks, or your house ads, when we can’t display a high paying ad.
Higher Paying Targeted Ads
 Our ad serving technology matches each advertiser to each unique visitor, to provide you with the highest possible payouts.
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Email: info@robertsherman.com   Phone: 801-475-7800
Robert Sherman Media is a division of SEE OTHER PAGE, INC.

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